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We are a result-driven, performance-based fitness company for competitive riders and weekend warriors alike.  We specialize in practical training systems designed to help you get the most out of your riding though advanced fitness strategies and enhanced physique transformations.

We have spent over a decade researching and developing our extremely effective fitness system to ensure our clients perform better, feel stronger, gain confidence and look good doing it

Base Fit has branches in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape. There is also Base Fit online for clients on the move or who don’t live near one of our branches

Base Fit Performance

Improve strength, stamina, balance and endurance!

Sharpen your mental focus and perspective!

Delay fatigue and speed up recovery

“Base Fit has helped develop me into a more well-rounded, stronger, competitive rider"
Mitch Cosani
BaseFit programs have changed my riding. If it works for me, it will work for you”
Kirsten Landman, International Enduro Champion
“ I just want to share, I know it is logic due to all the core we have to do, but I used to have chronic lower back pain. Especially after a long ride. Today I realised that I cannot remember when last did I had that pain. Thanks.”
Dan Forsyth, MTB
Medals won

Base Fit Wellness

Gain more energy, flexibility and functionality!

Reduce lower back pain and compensatory muscular discomfort!

Burn off excess body fat and improve your overall physique!


“Base Fit has helped me reduce joint pain as well as given me the flexibility needed to be an effective rider”
Dylan Bauer
“At 51 years old, I have not felt this good in ages …. You have established a strong base in me and my confidence is way up” – Adrian, Fourways
“I can now ride long distances without lower back pain, thanks to the stretches you gave me. Has made a huge difference to my mindset” – Nikki Spurgeon, North Riding
Incredible workouts
Personal goals achieved
Lower backs & joints saved
Kg's weight lost

Base Fit Equestrian

Develop the suppleness, balance and strength to ride effectively

Look and feel great in your jods!

Reduce compensatory patterns in your horse!

“Love how much better my horse feels since I have been training at Base Fit"
Mirja Naude
"Since joining Base Fit my riding fitness and balance on my horse have improved dramatically. Even my trainer has noticed the improvement”
Robyn Chinery, Competative Show Jumper
“Eventing can be exhausting both mentally and physically, especially competing on multiple horses. My Base Fit training helps me finish each discipline feeling strong and ready for the next.”
Carey Tillard
Clear Rounds
Happy Horses
Rosettes Won

programs tailored to your exact needs

Be part of the base fit culture

The foundation to success is found in your daily routine

Belinda Bike
Basefit rider, Robyn Chinery, competing in a showjumping event


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