10 Things you must do to get fit!

By Mandy Sealy, BASE FIT: Specialized Sports Fitness

Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of getting fit, not sure what to do and how to apply it?
In this article we are going to simplify fitness for riding into 10 simple aspects which will:

  • make up a balanced fitness routine for you to follow,
  • allow you to experience real fitness progress.


Below are the 10 fitness components which will have you operating like a pro when you combine them into yourfitness schedule. So let’s get started:

1: Stamina (The ability of body to use energy)
You feel your lack of stamina when halfway through a workout you start yawning or feel you need to sleep. To
build stamina over time, make sure you include segments of high-rep body weight exercises, for example 50
repetitions push ups, body weight squats and sit ups.

2: Strength (The ability to apply force over time)
The best way to build strength is to lift a weight in a manner or heavy enough where you can only manage
between 8 to 12 repetitions, for example dumbbell shoulder press or deadlifts. This can also be achieved using
your body weight for example with pull ups or decline push ups.

3: Power (The ability to apply force in a short burst of time)
The explosive movements including resistance call on your muscles to react and fire quickly and are a must to
include in your fitness program. You don’t need to do many just about 5 as fast as possible for example clean &
press, snatches, and box jumps are another good one.

4: Speed (The ability to minimise time of a repeated movement)
Shuttle runs work wonders for building speed. Do drills every 30 seconds, on the 30 seconds mark, with a rest
period of only 30 seconds in-between.

5: Agility (The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another)
Improving agility takes time but is critical. Incorporating agility drills as part of your fitness routine will train your
body to be ready for quick direction changes.

6: Balance (The ability to control the placement of your centre of gravity in relation to your support base)
Core strength plays into your balance, so the stronger your core, the easier you will find balance work. Great
exercises are single leg work for example snatches or RDL’s. The better your balance, the more energy you

7: Accuracy (The ability to apply force)
A great tool to help train accuracy is to use balls, ensuring your ball hits the target every time.

8: Coordination (The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement)
It’s important to force your brain to coordinate multiple movement patterns.

9: Cardio (The ability of body to deliver oxygen)
Most people get this one right. It’s simply doing steady state exercise like jogging or cycling where your heart
rate reaches about 60 to 70% of your max and stays there. Here you can do the talk test, which means you
should still be able to chat while exercising.

10: Flexibility (The ability to maximise your range of motion at a given joint)
Working on mobility can be as simple as incorporating a foam roller into your daily routine for a few minutes. If
you really want to see big changes, add in a 5-minute block of full body stretching after each fitness training