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There are five aspects of lifestyle fitness, which if neglected, can seriously affect your health and wellbeing.  Problems such as heart disease, joint inflexibility, back pain, low stamina, shortness of breath, stroke, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure can be avoided when applying some simple wellness codes for healthy living.

The Base Fit Way’s holistic approach to programing and coaching combines these fitness aspects into our structured programs and quarterly periodization cycles.   These include: cardio, strength, flexibility (range of motion), endurance, as well as body composition (muscle to fat ratio).  The Base Fit Way removes all guess work giving you the following benefits:  improved flexibility and joint stabilization, improved muscle tone and posture, proper weight management, and overall improvement to quality of life.


There is a direct connection between the way we think and the end results.  The most common problem is the belief that there is no time to prioritize fitness and health.  However, the truth is, putting yourself first is a mindset skill and, when properly applied, will aid in the prevention of weight gain, depression and anxiety. 

The Base Fit Way provides a system whereby you are constantly reminded of the importance of your health, wellness and fitness, keeping you focused on a healthy lifestyle by empowering you with information designed to maximize your mindset health.  Happiness, enthusiasm and a lasting commitment is not about temporary motivation but, on the contrary, it is a learned behaviour called mental fitness.


Food can be described as either being your poison or your medicine.  We are bombarded with false advertising, promoting certain foods as healthy, when actually many so-called “healthy” foods can be detrimental to your overall health.  Our Base Fit Way of living will teach you how to discern what you should be eating, how to properly prepare meal portions and how to establish a healthy daily meal schedule.  Living life the Base Fit Way will give you:  a) increased energy; b) optimised gut health; c) improved concentration; d) less unwanted body fat; e) deeper sleep; f) quicker recovery; and, g) reduced illness.  We don’t believe in extreme dieting, and only teach practical lifestyle eating principles that will serve you for life.

  • For a personalised diet plan please contact our Lifestyle Nutrition Coach Anelda Jansen Van Vuuren on or 078 207 8488.
  • For medical related issues (hormonal problems, inflammation, extreme fatigue, obesity, depression) please contact our Specialised Nutritionist Gail Addison  or 083-385 0676


The body must be looked at in a ‘’whole” perspective in order to discover the reasons for and causes of pain.  Most common complaints we address at Base Fit are lower back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain. The Base Fit Way of training addresses aches and discomforts for current or past injuries by improving functional movement patterns. We also prepare our clients in proper preventive techniques in order to preclude unnecessary future compensatory problems though ongoing assessments, strengthening joint stabilizers, improving posture, regaining core symmetry and improving strength.



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