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Why Pay For a Coach

We are conditioned to pay our dues backward, not forward. Look at how many people pay a fortune in medical bills only because they spent a lifetime not looking after their health. But once their body stops giving them options, their hand is forced, and only then do they employ healthy living practices. Or how about people living paycheck to paycheck, never reaching their full potential.

Imagine how much more enriched their lives would have been if they had:

  • taken the time to learn how to eat for their health from those that enjoy healthy food;
  • if they had taken instruction from a fitness coach to learn how to exercise correctly and kept up the consistency up;
  • if they had sort out natural practitioners to assist with eliminating the roots of depression and not relied so heavily on medication;
  • if they had understood the importance letting go of emotional baggage as this would have helped them prevent many ailments.

If these people had understood the value of mentorship ladder the world would be a healthier and much happier place.

On the self-purpose side imagine how much more fulfilling people’s lives would have been if they had been coached how to effectively create and run a small business; If they understood how to create and manage money; If they learned how to sell, communicate and work harmoniously with others; if they had a mentor to assist them with work-life balance. This would be a more productive and less anxious world.

All these practises should be sort after as a code for living. The mentorship ladder not only provides a roadmap to greatness but also holds you accountable to stay on track. Sound mind, body, soul, business and life habits are formed over time giving you the most wonderful experience of this lifetime. A journey blessed with energy, mental clarity, an abundance of experiences and greater enjoyment out of life.

Pay it forward! Albeit for health, business or relationships, seek out those who are in the know and be willing to pay for their expertise. These type of investments in yourself will be the best money you will ever spend. Whatever you want to achieve there is someone who has already done it and can make your journey tremendously more pleasant while expediting the process.

When you are inside the jar, you can’t see the label

Thank you for being part of our Base Fit journey
Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director

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Why most people gain weight and decline in health as they age

Everybody has at one stage had wonderful big dreams. But the more we experience the harshness of life, our dreams fade away. We give up on dropping excess weight and we never reach that health objective. 

Why does this happen? 

When we anticipate our future based on reruns of our past (memories), nothing changes. And as I have taught before…you get what you think about. 

But when you wipe you mind clear of predetermined roadmaps, then everything you have ever wanted become possible. It starts with your imagination. If you can think it, see it in your minds eye and feel what it would be like to have it, then it will be. 

Your imagination is the real roadmap to your greatness, not your past. Revisit your goals and your dreams in your imagination over and over again until the neuro pathways become ingrained in your mind. You will then be forming new memories, ‘future ones’ which over time will become more real to you than your past. Until one day, they will be your reality. 

Join us on The Base Fit Way App, where we will guide you through behavior change strategies so your future is the one you want. 

Thank you for being part of our Base Fit journey
Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director

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Finding your Fitness, Wellness and Life Balance

There is no set rule around this subject as it is a very personal thing. ‘Balance’ is dynamic, changing daily, weekly, monthly and annually. What works for you in keeping your balanced and stability will be something completely different for the next person. 

There are three important aspects to consider: 

The first balance definer is your ‘purpose’. When you have a wonderful objective which is way bigger than your day to day life, it becomes your fuel. It is the engine that drives you, inspires you and motivates you. 

The second balance definer is ‘people’. It is imperative you hang around the right people that influence you in a synergistic way aligned with your purpose. 

The third is ‘cycles’. Every aspect of your life exists in cycles or phases. Just as every year we experience the four seasons, you will experience a summer, autumn, winter and spring phase in all aspects of your life. This journey is transient, so what feels like balance to you in one month or season my look very different in the next month or season. The more fluid you can be at adjusting your balance the more energetic, inspired and happy your life will feel.

Thank you for being a part of my balance. 
Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director

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M3 = M2 Principle

THE WELLNESS RULE: Stay healthy and ahead of the age game by applying this rule I call the M3 = M2 Principle. Which means: Mindset + Movement + Medicine = Motivation & Momentum.

HOW IT WORKS: There are 3 ‘M’s’ to apply daily to keep your ‘vehicle’ (your body) in perfect running order. They are ‘Mindset’, ‘Movement’ and ‘Medicine’. Applying these 3 principles will give you daily Motivation, then add time to the equation, and you have forward Momentum on your goals. Now that’s a WIN!! 

MINDSET: What you put into your head, determines how you experience each day. Experience ALWAYS follows thought. So if you start your day by watching the news, or engage in negative conversations the tone of your day will lowered. Low tone days compounded over time does not lead to greatness. 

MOVEMENT: Commit to moving every day. This does not have to be an intense workout session, but it does need to include full range of motion exercises and some form of deep breathing. A brisk walk followed by stretching will suffice. Not doing this will cause physical stagnation, low energy and body stiffness. Stagnation compounded over time does not lead to a comfortable energetic life. 

MEDICINE: Food is medicine. It is a tool for optimal performance. It changes your mood, it dictates your energy, it allows for creativity and it impacts our sleep. Ingesting rubbish compounded over time will lead to a rubbish life. Life rewards action, make it the right action. Every day, a fabulous opportunity for you to write your story.


Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director 

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Breaking the habit of being unhealthy

Look back on your life and notice any themes that do not serve you. These are the most common ones we hear from our clients: 

  • I’ve always been overweight! 
  • I am just an anxious person! 
  • I can never stick to a workout program or diet plan! 
  • I don’t have the time for myself! 

The reason these beliefs are on program repeat is because you believe in ‘them’ more than you believe in your ability to create the future you want. Therefore, by your expectation of them you unwittingly create them, which reinforces your belief that you can never be any different. 

Let’s change that. Start by shifting something very small and stick to it no matter what. Here’s what to do:
What theme in your life do you wish you could change?

1. Get clear on what you would rather experience.
2. Give it a timeline.
3. Write down all the action steps that you need to take for this change to happen.
4. Visualize the ‘new you’ every day.
5. Never dwell on the problem, but stay focused on the solution.
Don’t get despondent if the task seems impossible, you just need to make a start. Also, you are not alone as we are here to help you on your journey.

Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director 

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Action Steps to Move Your Forward on Your Goals

When you take high repetitive action on your goals, you will achieve them no matter any challenges. When you add time to the equation… THE STREAM ALWAYS BEATS THE ROCK ACTION 1: Analyze your life and FILL IT UP! When you have so much going on with so many opportunities, when the blows come it, they hurt, but you are so busy with 20 other things in the pipeline you can’t afford to waste a week wallowing in giving up, and this ‘life-is-hard’ – ‘I should give-up’….because you have too many other things to focus on 😊 If you don’t legitimately have too many things to focus on – make them up! Clean your car, your house, take a walk, write 10 thank you messages… 

Make a list as this list will make you get busy, out of your head and back into action. Action moves you forward! ACTION 2: Second course of Action is to KNOW YOUR PURPOSE! And think big! It does not take any more thinking power to think big than to think small. At least when you think big you aim high, so if you do fall short you are still way ahead of where you thought you could be. The rewards are great but they do no happen overnight. 

  • Set up sub-targets that you can achieve along the way. 
  • This will give you positive feedback that you are on the right track. 
  • Never give up. 


Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director 

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Why you might not be losing weight


It is easy to confuse what feels familiar with what is feels right. When you understand this principle, you can avoid making bad decisions. 

Did you know the best decisions we can ever make are instinct driven? How many times have you made a decision based on it making sense – it sounded right as all aspects lined up. However, there was still a feeling that something was off which of course you ignored, only to reflect back with “Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve’s. So What is the Difference? 

Familiar: You have done it this way multiple times. It defines who you are. Feel safe as it is your comfort zone. It’s mainly dictated to by the mind. It’s a conditioning. Often ends up in you getting things, experiences that you do not want or do not serve you well. It can lead you astray. 

For example: I am a meat and potatoes person. I was brought up that way, and how can it be so wrong when my uncle like this and he was always in great physical shape. Or, I am not a morning person. I only go to be late as I like to watch my favorite show. You know, to get up early to exercise does not work for me.

Right: You feel it in your gut. Sometimes does not make sense to the mind. But this is your intuition and when you trust it and follow it, you will be lead down a path that serves you, not just saving you time and money but giving you both in abundance. For example: How can eating more food help me lose weight? That just does not make sense to me.

Why Instinct? 

We feel our instinct in our gut, not our head, and we have it to guide us. The gut has its own intelligence which is not limited to our 5 human senses. The gut knows things our mind cannot fathom, can sense beyond with a bird’s eye view. So my message to you is to start to live by the principle of what feels right at a gut level. In doing this you will notice the following: 

INCREASED CONFIDENCE and will trust in your ability to make the right decisions.
LESS CONFUSION as following your head can get you into trouble, whereas following you gut will help prevent failure, leaving you feeling limitless.
MORE CLEAR MINDED as you will be able to stay present, not overlook things as you do when you are too focused on the outcome. You inherently know what you need to do to lose weight, get fitter, be more positive. We know it is not that easy, which is why we are able to build an entire brand around this subject.

Passionate about helping people.
(Base Fit Founder & MD) 

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