Look back on your life and notice any themes that do not serve you. These are the most common ones we hear from our clients: 

  • I’ve always been overweight! 
  • I am just an anxious person! 
  • I can never stick to a workout program or diet plan! 
  • I don’t have the time for myself! 

The reason these beliefs are on program repeat is because you believe in ‘them’ more than you believe in your ability to create the future you want. Therefore, by your expectation of them you unwittingly create them, which reinforces your belief that you can never be any different. 

Let’s change that. Start by shifting something very small and stick to it no matter what. Here’s what to do:
What theme in your life do you wish you could change?

1. Get clear on what you would rather experience.
2. Give it a timeline.
3. Write down all the action steps that you need to take for this change to happen.
4. Visualize the ‘new you’ every day.
5. Never dwell on the problem, but stay focused on the solution.
Don’t get despondent if the task seems impossible, you just need to make a start. Also, you are not alone as we are here to help you on your journey.

Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director 

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