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Lodewyk & Anelda Janse van Vuuren

Base Fit Centurion is a family orientated gym, and clients become our extended family.  
Our home based location allows for kids to be welcome, as we train like-minded people

Anelda has vast knowledge and experience in the fitness and weight loss game.  She has won numerous fitness titles from local bikini, to IFBB, to representing South Africa in the United Kingdom.  Being married to a leading edge Enduro rider her skill set and passion for results is second to none.  She has a passion for seeing those on her team achieve far and beyond their dreams. 

Lodewyk is a wealth of information when it comes to Enduro fitness and riding performance.  He is a multiple Roof finisher, including Gold, and holds many championships including Lowveld Enduro, GXCC Senior, Northern Region and Farmjam.  Lodewyk not only is a precision coach in the fitness realm, but also coaches Enduro skills and techniques on the bike through the Base Fit Riding academy.

"You are the sum of the top 5 people you hang out with . . . Choose wisely."

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Lodewyk Janse van Vuuren

Anelda Janse van Vuuren

Base Fit Centurion

12 Eva Street,
The Reeds,
Loodewyk Janse van Vuuren 072- 343 2465
Anelda Janse van Vuuren 078 207 8488


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