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Base Fit Equestrian

Why Base Fit Equestrian?

 Base Fit coaching will give you the balance, suppleness, strength, and stamina you need to:
 Feel amazing
 Ride at your best
– Shed any extra weight you need to lose

How fit do I need to be to do Base Fit?

Base Fit programs cater for beginners as well as advanced fitness levels so being ‘fit’ is not a prerequisite for signing up with us. In fact, that is why you sign up with Base Fit – to get fit, but the right way! We have a lot of clients who start with us thinking that are fit, but because they have a weak core, we have to start from the beginning. We will do the ground work establishing a solid fitness foundation based around your core – which is the fundamental aspect of the Base fit Training system.

How will Base Fit help me?

Improve your aerobic capacity, strength, balance, mobility and flexibility.

Reduced lower back and knee pain.

You will benefit from reduced body fat, toned frame and a more symmetrical physique.

Confidence in your jods

“Regardless of discipline, body shape, or fitness level, all horse riders do better when they take care of their bodies and maintain their fitness. While riding is a great way to enjoy an active lifestyle, on its own it is not enough to condition and tone your body to the degree you need, leaving our horses to make up the fitness gap.  Base Fit coaching is the key to getting into phenomenal shape, maximising your riding effectiveness, and being fair to your horse” ……… Amanda Sealy

Client's Testimonials

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