There is no set rule around this subject as it is a very personal thing. ‘Balance’ is dynamic, changing daily, weekly, monthly and annually. What works for you in keeping your balanced and stability will be something completely different for the next person. 

There are three important aspects to consider: 

The first balance definer is your ‘purpose’. When you have a wonderful objective which is way bigger than your day to day life, it becomes your fuel. It is the engine that drives you, inspires you and motivates you. 

The second balance definer is ‘people’. It is imperative you hang around the right people that influence you in a synergistic way aligned with your purpose. 

The third is ‘cycles’. Every aspect of your life exists in cycles or phases. Just as every year we experience the four seasons, you will experience a summer, autumn, winter and spring phase in all aspects of your life. This journey is transient, so what feels like balance to you in one month or season my look very different in the next month or season. The more fluid you can be at adjusting your balance the more energetic, inspired and happy your life will feel.

Thank you for being a part of my balance. 
Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director

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