Base Fit Hillcrest

Base Fit Hillcrest is a High-Vibe facility with a very active community feel.  We have a wonderful mix of performance riders as well as lifestyle clients, both achieving results while building comradery in a supportive environment. Base Fit’s Head Offices are also situated at this dynamic facility.

Meet Your Coaches

Sharon Stanley

Sharon has been in the industry for over 30 years, as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, with the following qualifications:

HFPA PT, CPR EMT, FITCO PT & Lifestyle, Mad Dogs Spin and Les Mills Body Pump. She is a specialist in  Resistance training, Interval Training, Sculpt and Tone, Heart Rate training, Fitness, Boxing, Core Stability, Nutritional Guidance

– Competitive Physique Athlete from 45 with 18 competitions under her belt.
– Winner of Physique World’s in Prague.
– Arnold classic IFBB as well various other federations. 

“The moment YOU commit YOURSELF... Is the moment YOUR goal is achieved.”

Brendon Cadman

Brendon Cadman is a movement specialist with a focused passion for functional and strength coaching.  His background is in fitness competing and he has a degree in movement science as well as psychology

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intellegence wins championships.”

Enduro Fitness
Sports Fitness

Branch Hours

MondayFriday | 05h00 – 11h00
Monday – Thursday | 15h00 – 19h00

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