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BASE FIT Hilton coach:

Travis Warwick-Oliver

Base fit Hilton is located at Velocity Sports lab Hilton. Base fit Hilton specializes in rider specific training but also branches off into cycling, running, general fitness and rehabilitation

Travis is an avid endurance athlete with a passion for sharing his fitness journey with clients to take them to a new level of fitness they didn’t know they had in them. Travis has a background in endurance sports such as swimming, running, Enduro and cycling. He has achieved his natal colours for swimming, rugby and fishing.

“Physical strength will get you to the start line ... but mental strength will get you to the finish line.”

Enduro Fitness
Sports Fitness
Athlete development

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Travis Warwick-Oliver

Base Fit Hilton is situated inside Velocity Sports Lab

Velocity Sports Lab

3 Monzali Drive

Hilton Gardens

Contact Travis Warwick-Oliver : 082 585 3966


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