THE WELLNESS RULE: Stay healthy and ahead of the age game by applying this rule I call the M3 = M2 Principle. Which means: Mindset + Movement + Medicine = Motivation & Momentum.

HOW IT WORKS: There are 3 ‘M’s’ to apply daily to keep your ‘vehicle’ (your body) in perfect running order. They are ‘Mindset’, ‘Movement’ and ‘Medicine’. Applying these 3 principles will give you daily Motivation, then add time to the equation, and you have forward Momentum on your goals. Now that’s a WIN!! 

MINDSET: What you put into your head, determines how you experience each day. Experience ALWAYS follows thought. So if you start your day by watching the news, or engage in negative conversations the tone of your day will lowered. Low tone days compounded over time does not lead to greatness. 

MOVEMENT: Commit to moving every day. This does not have to be an intense workout session, but it does need to include full range of motion exercises and some form of deep breathing. A brisk walk followed by stretching will suffice. Not doing this will cause physical stagnation, low energy and body stiffness. Stagnation compounded over time does not lead to a comfortable energetic life. 

MEDICINE: Food is medicine. It is a tool for optimal performance. It changes your mood, it dictates your energy, it allows for creativity and it impacts our sleep. Ingesting rubbish compounded over time will lead to a rubbish life. Life rewards action, make it the right action. Every day, a fabulous opportunity for you to write your story.


Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director 

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