Emotional Fitness

NEWSROOM Emotional Fitness Your emotions are the language of your body and drive your every decision. It is therefore an incredibly wise move to make sure this powerful force is fit, flexible and healthy if you plan on any form of success in your life including wellness, family and career.Below are 5 teaching points with

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Riding Weight loss

NEWSROOM Real Riding Weight-loss Tricks that Work You ride because you love it. Not only does riding have immense health benefits for your mind, but it is also a great way to burn calories. A lot of calories. What may baffle you is that if you burn so many calories when you ride and you

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Bounce back from Long term Stress

NEWSROOM 3 STEPS TO BOUNCE BACK FROM LONG TERM STRESS Your world as you know it has been turned upside down. A side effect is that your health and fitness has probably taken a knock!  Although not your fault, this lack of wellness is now contributing to your stress and leaving you feeling drained, frustrated,

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Why your bike is causing you back pain

NEWSROOM Why your bike is causing you back pain You are on the most amazing ride with your friends then that dull back ache starts to kick in. What’s worse, is after the ride your back goes into spasms causing you to hobble around like a cripple for a few days. The thing that is

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10 Things you must do to get fit!

NEWSROOM 10 Things you must do to get fit! By Mandy Sealy, BASE FIT: Specialized Sports Fitness Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of getting fit, not sure what to do and how to apply it?In this article we are going to simplify fitness for riding into 10 simple aspects which will: make up

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Preparation is 80% of the win

NEWSROOM Preparation is 80% of the win Winning is not Accidental Goal achievement requires more than just planning and knowledge. You must also be able to get yourself into the right mental state to follow through with your commitment. Here’s how: See the Moments ComingEveryday you will need to be on top of your game

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