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BASE FIT Northriding coaches:

Sean Malko & Jade Perkins

Our dynamic Northriding team has a passion for athlete development and wellness. With state of the art equipment this branch is one of the gems of Base Fit.

Sean is focused, driven and unwavering in his determination to see every client fly.  Whether it is to win a race, finish a race, or lose weight, Sean will be by your side every step of the way.  His background is the Austrian Military where he completed is physical instructor training, and now applies his laser sharp skills get results form his Base Fit team.

Jade has a passion for the mind body-connection, and has a deep understanding of how movement and stretching can be used in stress management.  She has her background in dance for which she has her South African colours, and is a qualified yoga instructor and fitness coach.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

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Athlete Development

Meet your coaches

Sean Malko

Jade Perkins

Base Fit Northriding is situated inside Mi-Fitness

2 New Market Road,
Northlands Deco Park

North Riding

Contact: Sean Malko: 084 600 9406


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