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Our Online team has been developing the Base Fit remote coaching system for over a decade. Although it is now a finely-tuned program, we are constantly upgrading to remain on the leading edge, and ensure each client enjoys optimal success.

We have specifically designed the efficient Base Fit online training system to assist clients who are unable to train at one of our Base Fit facilities.

Our delivery system is formatted to ensure programs are easily understood, and manageable in each client’s individual training environment. All we need from you is your commitment to the process and we will manage the rest.

You will receive programs via weekly e-mails from, with sessions adapted to your personal strengths, weaknesses, equipment availability and goals.  Included in your program e-e-mails are accountability questions, where we will require you to give us feedback on your sessions for we can monitor your progress.  We have an open line where you can contact us at any time should you need assistance.

Each exercise given is accompanied with a ‘how to do’ description and an image to help you with proper execution. All exercises are also available to view on out YouTube channel ‘Base Fit Sport Fitness’.”

Your Online Team

Michelle Attenborough

(Head Online Facilitator and Movement Specialist)

Michelle studied at WITS University and received a Bachelor of Science and Honours in Human Physiology, focusing on Exercise Physiology. “I have been in the industry for over 10 years and with Base Fit  seven years. I love helping clients reach their training goals and athletes reach peak performance. Life is about balance and no matter what you do, have fun doing it!”

“You are either on the team Base Fit or you are in our way.”

Justin Freese

(KZN Racing)

Justin is a highly experienced functional and strength and conditioning coach. Passionate about fitness and functional movement. He is driven by results and dedicated to improving the performance of all his clients and thus developing his Base Fit team.

“You are either on the team Base Fit or you are in our way.”

Graham Hedgecock

(Western Cape Enduro Online Representative)

Graham: International hard enduro competitor and South African National Senior Enduro Champion and leading enduro coach.

G-Tech: If it’s enduro related we do it. Coaching clinics, promoting events, sponsorship sourcing, marketing and RACING are our main area of expertise.

“You are either on the team Base Fit or you are in our way.”

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