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• Coaching via the Base Fit Way App in downloadable easy-to-follow PDF’s with Video Briefings.
• Included is real-time commination with our Online Coach to ensure you stay on right track progressively.
• Choose your preferred program on our Base Fit Way app from our PROGRAMS tag. 
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We have specifically designed the efficient Base Fit online training system to assist clients who are unable to train at one of our Base Fit facilities.

Our delivery system is formatted to ensure programs are easily understood, and manageable in each client’s individual training environment. All we need from you is your commitment to the process and we will manage the rest.

You will receive programs via weekly e-mails from, with sessions adapted to your personal strengths, weaknesses, equipment availability and goals.  Included in your program e-e-mails are accountability questions, where we will require you to give us feedback on your sessions for we can monitor your progress.  We have an open line where you can contact us at any time should you need assistance.

Each exercise given is accompanied with a ‘how to do’ description and an image to help you with proper execution. All exercises are also available to view on out YouTube channel ‘Base Fit Sport Fitness’.”

Your Online Team

Anelda Janse van Vuuren

Anelda has vast knowledge and experience in the fitness and weight loss game.  She has won numerous fitness titles from local bikini, to IFBB, to representing South Africa in the United Kingdom.  Being married to a leading edge Enduro rider her skill set and passion for results is second to none.  She has a passion for seeing those on her team achieve far and beyond their dreams. 

"You are the sum of the top 5 people you hang out with . . . Choose wisely."

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Head Facilitator

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