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Sport Fitness Is Our Game

The Base Fit programs are created to mimic as many active scenarios as possible from a strength, stamina as well as mental focus perspective. The trick is having the ability to generate power from your core, which Base Fit has mastered, and is also the our coaching is extremely effective for endurance and power sports.

How fit do I need to be to do Base Fit?

Base Fit programs cater for ex-couch potatoes, intermediates as well as for the super fit. So being ‘fit’ is not a prerequisite for signing up.  In fact, that is why you sign up with Base Fit – to get fit, but the right way!  Many riders have started with Base Fit thinking that are fit. However because they were not trained correctly for enduro, Base Fit had to start from the beginning.  Base Fit first establishes a solid fitness foundation focussing on the core which is the key formula, giving the Base Fit training methodology the edge.

How will Base Fit help my Sport?

Base Fit programs will improve your aerobic capacity, strength endurance, balance, agility, mobility, stamina and give you explosive power. 

You will be able to push for longer, recover quicker, make less mistakes, and give it all you’ve got with more confidence.

We will teach you how to stay focused and not lose concentration.

Prioritising your fitness is a decision you made which yields huge personal satisfaction.

– Take the guess work out of your fitness training
– Develop muscular symmetry and strip away unwanted fat
– Keep your mind interested, focused and motivated
– Educate you on how to be effective in achieving your results
– Strengthen your lower back and joint stabilizers, thereby reducing pain and rehabilitating injuries
– Keep you tapped into our high energy and tuned into results

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