Preparation is 80% of the win

Winning is not Accidental

Goal achievement requires more than just planning and knowledge. You must also be able to get yourself into the right mental state to follow through with your commitment. Here’s how:

  1. See the Moments Coming
    Everyday you will need to be on top of your game in order to make healthy food choices and to have productive workouts. Give yourself time each night before to identify where you battle and see yourself overcoming those challenges.
  2. Adopt a Winner’s Physiology
    Your body and your mind are in a feedback loop. If you’re slumping, frowning, cramped, and taking shallow breaths, your body is telling your mind to fail.
    Break that downward spiral by acting like a winner:
  3. Smile.
  4. Stretch.
  5. Straighten up.
  6. Hold your head high.
  7. Take deep breaths.
    Now your body is telling your mind to win 😊
  8. Visualize the Winning Outcome
    Create a vivid picture in your mind of exactly how things will look like when you’ve won your race or reached your goal. Imagine how you’ll feel when you KNOW you’ve made it. Make winning so real in your mind that it’s like you’ve already won.
  9. Mentally Rehearse Your Actions Steps
    Tracing backwards from what you’ve just imagined, have a good understanding of the specific actions you took achieve your goal, as well as how you overcame the obstacles that may have come up.
  10. Go For It.
    Now don’t think about winning or losing. Just be in the moment, focused on what you need to do next. Eat, train, and ride in a manner that you already own your victory.
  11. Learn
    Take a look at your results. Regardless of whether you won at the level you’d hoped or not, notice what worked and what didn’t. Going forward make any changes you need to in preparing for your next race or goal. Preparation, both mental and physical, is already 80% of the win.
Base Fit rider Kirsten Landman with her Dakkar Medal

Is your WIN to improve your fitness for riding so you can get more enjoyment out of your sport?
Is your WIN to be fit enough to finish your races with ‘gas in the tank’?
Is your WIN to smoke your competitors with a podium finish?
Is your WIN to burn off excess body fat, and feel super energized?
Understanding what your WIN is, will be the driving force that keeps you going when motivation lets you down.