Real Riding Weight-loss Tricks that Work

You ride because you love it. Not only does riding have immense health benefits for your mind, but it is also a great way to burn calories. A lot of calories. What may baffle you is that if you burn so many calories when you ride and you ride fairly regularly, why does it not seem to make you skinny over time, or worse as the months go by you still gain weight? That’s because there is a catch!

The weight that you lose after a long ride is not only fat weight. All those calories you burn up may also be coming from muscle break-down. Added to the fact that dehydration will make you feel temporarily slimmer and lighter. Don’t be fooled by this. Rather hold your horses before you give yourself permission to indulge in calorie dense food thinking you have earned it.

  • NO SUGARY DRINKS BEFORE YOU RIDE Thinking you can down a sugary drink before you ride is a rookie mistake. If you want your body to be effective at using up quality ‘fuel’ for your ride by tapping into your stored fat cells, don’t load your system with junk before you leave. Forget the energades and other so called ‘sport drinks’ and replace then with nutrient dense vegetable juices such as beetroot and carrot. You get great options at Food Lovers already blended for you.


  • KEEP HYDRATED Did you know that your body needs water to burn fat? So the more dehydrated you get, then more difficult it is for your system to convert your stored fat into fuel. To prevent dehydration you need to drink before you get thirsty. Now while riding mild dehydration can happen very quickly not only though the increased energy demand but also thought sweating, so sipping regularly on a balance electrolyte mix will keep you in fat burning mode.
    • REFUEL INTELLIGENTLY After a ride you need to refuel with clean nutrient dense foods. Don’t think you will lose weight faster if you don’t eat. Instead, you wont recover properly leaving your system weak and your immune system low.
      Similarly, indulging in fast food thinking you have earned it is as smart as filling your bike with dirty fuel when the tank is empty. At this time more than ever your body needs optimum nutrition to clear out all the ‘debris’ remaining from energy production as well as to start to ‘patch you up’ where your muscles and other organs are worn down. Avoid dairy and breads, rather have complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoe, butternut, spinach with a protein of your choice and some healthy fat such as avocado or olives.

  • WAIT BEFORE YOU DRINK ALCOHOL The biggest mistake I see riders do is have an alcoholic drink straight after a long ride. Alcohol is an ‘anti-nutrient’ and an absolute killer for your body when it is craving healing nutrients. You can expect cramps, if not immediately then later in the day or evening. Not to mention the speed at which consuming alcohol while in a nutrient deficit will pack on the extra fat storage around your tummy. I’m not saying don’t have an alcoholic drink after a ride, but before you do, make sure you have hydrated properly and have enjoyed a recovery meal, never before.

    At Base Fit we are committed to keeping you informed so you can make the right choices for sustainable health and fitness. I trust you found these points helpful.
    Mandy Sealy, Base Fit.