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BASE FIT Stellenbosch coach:

Karen Meintjies

Our Fourways team has over 30 years of experience in fitness training and are at the cutting edge of Basefit fitness development programs.

Karen is passionate about specialist sport training, and helping others achieve health.

She has a very competitive sport history:
*       SA International Canoeist: Marathons and Sprints
*       SA Adventure Racer, also local Adventure Racer (multi distant)
*       Surfski, Road & Mountain Bike, Comrades, Dusi, MTB Stage Races,
Camel Trophy, plus many others

Her qualifications are :
Degree Personal Trainer
Advanced IUKL Kettlebell
Advanced EMS Trainer
Various Group trainer qualifications
Swim Teacher and Coach

Geneway DNA Practitioner
Metagenics Practitioner

"My Dedication Directs my Attention and my Attention Directs my Results"

Enduro Fitness
Sports Fitness

Meet your coach

Karen Meintjies

Base Fit Stellenbosch is situated at

Unit 7, Fourways Junction Centre,

Cnr William Nicol and White Hills Close,


Contact: Karen 082 903 5685



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