BASE FIT Ballito coaches:

Josh Boyn & Mandy Thomas

Private gym in the heart of Ballito called Upstart Functional.  State of the art equipment, and includes a sauna to aid recovery after those tough sessions.

Mandy Thomas, owner and founder of Base Fit, has a passion for developing people.   Mandy combines her research and education in sport fitness coaching, physiology and psychology with two decades of training experience to deliver the highly successful Base Fit programs, as well as coaching the Base Fit team leaders.  

Fitness expert for Dirt & Trail and Enduroworld, she has also created mental toughness programs for Men’s Health, Fear Factor and Big Brother.

Mandy’s coaching experience includes USA and Europe. She now specializes in team development with her vision to help over a million people world-wide achieve their fitness goals


Josh has a BA Sports Science Undergraduate Degree from Stellenbosch University- Fitness Specialization.

BSC Sport Science Degree at Stellenbosch University 2019 -High-performance specialization.

Sport massage certification
Illiotibial Band Syndrome Treatment
Strapping, Taping & K-Tape qualified


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Enduro Fitness
Athlete development
Sport Fitness

Meet your coach

Mandy Thomas

Josh Boyd

Base Fit Balito is situated at:

Upstart Functional, 





Contact: Mandy Thomas: 082 461 1443


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