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If you are looking to lose weight, strengthen your lower back or recover from an injury we are your wellness partner enhance your physique and improve your movement patterns. 

  • Strengthen your lower back and joint stabilizers
  • Develop symmetry and strip away unwanted fat
  • Injury rehabilitation and flexibility
  • Keep your mindset positive, interested, focused and motivated
  • Improve movement patterns


Base Fit promotes all aspects of optimal health by encouraging the balance of physical activity, nutrition and mental clarity.
Being part of the Base Fit family will keep you tapped into our energy stream and tuned in to results.



Base Fit programs take the guess work out of your training with well-structured and progressive workouts. You will benefit from strengthened bones, improved flexibility, more stable joints as well as well as gain loads of energy.


The Base Fit training methodology will help you tone your muscles, develop physique symmetry and strip unwanted fat. Our Base Fit team of coaches will educate you on the how’s and why’s to be effective in achieving the results you want.


It is important to nurture your body by eating a well-balanced diet. Filling yourself with a variety of nutrients and wholesome foods will not only help prevent illness, but will also keep your body functioning at its best, keep your energy system high and give you mental focus.


Understanding the relationship between your body’s physical health and mental health is crucial in order to have balanced wellness. When you take the route to physical wellness you will learn to understand how your body preforms physically and be able to connect it to how you feel mentally. Base Fit sessions keep your mind interested, focused and motivated.


Base Fit exercises and programs help speed up recovery times by strengthen your muscles and improving range of motion. We focus particularly on joint stabilizers and core, thereby reducing pain, preventing injuries, improving posture and helping your body regain strength and usability.

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