We are conditioned to pay our dues backward, not forward. Look at how many people pay a fortune in medical bills only because they spent a lifetime not looking after their health. But once their body stops giving them options, their hand is forced, and only then do they employ healthy living practices. Or how about people living paycheck to paycheck, never reaching their full potential.

Imagine how much more enriched their lives would have been if they had:

  • taken the time to learn how to eat for their health from those that enjoy healthy food;
  • if they had taken instruction from a fitness coach to learn how to exercise correctly and kept up the consistency up;
  • if they had sort out natural practitioners to assist with eliminating the roots of depression and not relied so heavily on medication;
  • if they had understood the importance letting go of emotional baggage as this would have helped them prevent many ailments.

If these people had understood the value of mentorship ladder the world would be a healthier and much happier place.

On the self-purpose side imagine how much more fulfilling people’s lives would have been if they had been coached how to effectively create and run a small business; If they understood how to create and manage money; If they learned how to sell, communicate and work harmoniously with others; if they had a mentor to assist them with work-life balance. This would be a more productive and less anxious world.

All these practises should be sort after as a code for living. The mentorship ladder not only provides a roadmap to greatness but also holds you accountable to stay on track. Sound mind, body, soul, business and life habits are formed over time giving you the most wonderful experience of this lifetime. A journey blessed with energy, mental clarity, an abundance of experiences and greater enjoyment out of life.

Pay it forward! Albeit for health, business or relationships, seek out those who are in the know and be willing to pay for their expertise. These type of investments in yourself will be the best money you will ever spend. Whatever you want to achieve there is someone who has already done it and can make your journey tremendously more pleasant while expediting the process.

When you are inside the jar, you can’t see the label

Thank you for being part of our Base Fit journey
Mandy Sealy
Base Fit Founder and Director

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