It is easy to confuse what feels familiar with what is feels right. When you understand this principle, you can avoid making bad decisions. 

Did you know the best decisions we can ever make are instinct driven? How many times have you made a decision based on it making sense – it sounded right as all aspects lined up. However, there was still a feeling that something was off which of course you ignored, only to reflect back with “Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve’s. So What is the Difference? 

Familiar: You have done it this way multiple times. It defines who you are. Feel safe as it is your comfort zone. It’s mainly dictated to by the mind. It’s a conditioning. Often ends up in you getting things, experiences that you do not want or do not serve you well. It can lead you astray. 

For example: I am a meat and potatoes person. I was brought up that way, and how can it be so wrong when my uncle like this and he was always in great physical shape. Or, I am not a morning person. I only go to be late as I like to watch my favorite show. You know, to get up early to exercise does not work for me.

Right: You feel it in your gut. Sometimes does not make sense to the mind. But this is your intuition and when you trust it and follow it, you will be lead down a path that serves you, not just saving you time and money but giving you both in abundance. For example: How can eating more food help me lose weight? That just does not make sense to me.

Why Instinct? 

We feel our instinct in our gut, not our head, and we have it to guide us. The gut has its own intelligence which is not limited to our 5 human senses. The gut knows things our mind cannot fathom, can sense beyond with a bird’s eye view. So my message to you is to start to live by the principle of what feels right at a gut level. In doing this you will notice the following: 

INCREASED CONFIDENCE and will trust in your ability to make the right decisions.
LESS CONFUSION as following your head can get you into trouble, whereas following you gut will help prevent failure, leaving you feeling limitless.
MORE CLEAR MINDED as you will be able to stay present, not overlook things as you do when you are too focused on the outcome. You inherently know what you need to do to lose weight, get fitter, be more positive. We know it is not that easy, which is why we are able to build an entire brand around this subject.

Passionate about helping people.
(Base Fit Founder & MD) 

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