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BASE FIT Bishopstowe coach:

Belinda Mason

Just outside Pietermaritzburg, Base Fit Bishopstowe caters primarily for mountain biker and wellness clients

I have a strong belief that movement is medicine. When my doctor told me riding a bike would heal my knee after surgery, I took this to heart. I taught myself to listen to my body and the way it responds to exercise. Through proper strength training and constant rehabilitation exercise I’m racing mountain bikes. We are all unique, having different limitations. I believe our minds can build our bodies to overcome our limitations. I love to share and inspire others to become as motivated as I am to reaching goals.

“True ambition is a disciplined, eager desire for achievement.”

Sports Fitness
Movement and balance

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Belinda Mason

Base Fit Bishopstowe is situated at

Farm E4, on P501


Pietermaritzburg, 3201


Contact: Belinda 083 629 1297


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